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Firebird Pub

Firebird Pub


The squat at the Firebird Pub, Bellevue, Edgbaston, opens as a social centre.

Campaigners and supporters have spent the last week, clearing rubbish from inside and out the former derelict pub. One local resident commented “it looks much better with the litter and weeds moved”

A painting party will be held on Saturday evening 29/11/08 to brighten the inside of the building in readiness for our opening next week.

Pop in for a chat and a cuppa, there are people on hand to give advice on housing issues and almost anything!

We welcome any ideas on what residents would like to see at the centre, we have already opened a games room for the local youth which has a pool table kindly donated. A library is being set up too.

Forthcoming attractions include a boot sale, curry night, and more !!  Watch this space or pop in to find out more information.

We are in need of any donations people are able to give food and seating items being a priority, Thanks to all the people who have been so generous with donations to-date.

Drop in for a game of cards.


Open Day / Car Boot Sale Firebird Public House, Bellevue, Edgbaston. (Off Bristol Road or Pershore Road)   8am to 4pm SUNDAY 14TH DECEMBER 2008

Sellers Vans £7, Cars £5,  On Foot £3.00.   Start 7am   Buyers from 8am.   

Sellers contact John Hayden 07882690504 to book a pitch.                                                     

 Tombola, Raffle, Face painting, Refreshments Available.

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Information has reached JUSTICE NOT CRISIS that Midland Heart Housing Association offered a derisory £1.00 per acre to Birmingham City Council for council owned land and couldn’t understand why the offer was refused.

While we are campaigning for the council to sell land at affordable process to housing associations in the city to allow them to draw down £100 worth of development grants we do not support Associations who try and rip of the council and therefore the residents of Birmingham.

We have contact Midland heard and asked to comment. Any response will be posted on this site.

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Posted on November 19, 2008. Filed under: Housing News |

AT last Socially rented homes will be debated in Birmingham, no thanks to Councillor John Lines, who we thought was the Cabinet member for Housing !!

Housing and Urban Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HUROS) Chair, Councillor Emily Cox (Lib-Dem Moseley and Kings Heath) yesterday stated that the Scrutiny Committee will hold an investigation into the provision of socially rented homes in the City. Supported by her Lib-Dem colleague Cllr Ian Bowen (Lib Dem Acocks Green) it was announced the inquiry will be held in the New Year.  JUSTICE NOT CRISIS fully supports the decision and thanks the Councillors for finally recognising this issue needs debate.

 We would also like to thank Cllr Bowen for his invitation on today’s stirrer forum to meet with us, and to John Hemming Lib – Dem MP, Yardley for his written question in the House of commons on the availability of grants. Click here to see the question and answer.   WHAT A GREAT DAY FOR BIRIMINGHAM AND FOR OUR LIB-DEM POLITICIANS. Thank you on behalf of the people of Birmingham.

Other news : Cllr Mike Leddy (Lab Brandwood) reaffirmed his support for our campaign when questioned by Cllr Beadman (Conservative, Sutton New Hall) about his support of our demonstrations. TO clarify once and for all. The Councillors who appear on this site as supporters have only affirmed their support for our desire to see more socially rented properties built in Birmingham, none of them were aware of any of our planned demo’s prior to them taking place.


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At 9.30pm on Friday JUSTICE NOT CRISIS campaigner Lee Moore was stabbed in the throat and had to be rushed to hospital.
On Friday a gang of around 15 youths who have been plaguing the Benmore estate for several months turned their attention to the former Firebird pub which JNC is squatting. The gang started to bang on doors and generally annoy and intimidate the people inside. Mr Moore went outside to talk to the youths when he felt a blow to his chin. At first he thought that it was a punch but in fact he had been stabbed.
Having been rushed to City Hospital, Dudley Road he was then transferred to Selly Oak hospital where a specialist gave him 18 stitches in a gaping wound which went from his throat up and over his chin. The cut was so deep it went right through into his mouth.. Mr Moore has also had several teeth loosened in the attack, some of which he may loose when he visits the dentist on Monday.
He was release from Selly Oak hospital at 3.30am this morning (Saturday) and has spent the day recovering.
Mr Moore, a father of 7 children (the youngest just 4 weeks old), is very lucky. Had the cut been just a couple of inches away he could easily have died.
Mr Moore said “It’s these kids we are trying to help and make sure they have homes when they need them yet they do something like this”
Despite the attack JUSTICE NOT CRISIS will continue the campaign.

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We are now into our third day at the Firebird Pub, Bellevue, Edgbaston. Feliciy Norman, Green Party European Candidate, has visited the site and given her support to our campaign. Our resolve to contiue our campaign is strong and morale is high as we continue to gather support from local residents and organisations and residents from across the country.

We are still waiting a response from John Lines to our request to meet to discuss the problems in Birmingham but this is still not forthcoming !!

We are prepared to wait another week for a rersponse from him, whilst planning our largest demonstration… watch this space for details….

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Posted on November 12, 2008. Filed under: Housing News |

Having moves to a new site just yards from the original site we have now been told to move again. We didn’t want to cost the council any money be refusing and making the council pay for a bailiff so we have left the site.

Our new location is at the old Firebird Pub in Bellevue. We have chosen this site as the building has been empty for years, is vandalised daily and is an eyesore. The land could be used for social housing, community facilities, a business that could provide jobs, etc but the owners have left it empty and falling down.

Bellevue is almost opposite the old camps and can be reached by buses:  61,62, & 63 Bristol Road, 45 &47 Perhore Road or the 8A & 8C.

Click here for a map.

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Posted on November 9, 2008. Filed under: Housing News |

Following the granting of an eviction by Birmingham’s county court The Councillor john Lines Homeless Village has moved to a new site.

Following our live interview on BBC1’s The Politics Show campaigners form JUSTICE NOT CRISIS moved tents and belongings to a new site just 50m away. The old site has been cleaned up and the remaining few things will be removed tomorrow (Monday) before the bailiffs turn up SO NO BIG CLEAN UP EXPENSE  councillor Lines.

The site is at the start for the Pershore Road (city end). Parking is available in Balsall Heath Road. Click here for a map.

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Posted on November 8, 2008. Filed under: Housing News |

The council have been given permission to evict The John Line Homeless Village from their camp on the Pershore Road.

JUSTICE NOT CRISIS campaigners contested the court hearing earlier today but were unsuccessful. However, we have been advised to seek legal advise to see if there are grounds for an appeal and we will be doing this on Monday.

We don’t expect the bailiffs to turn up over the weekend so we have orgasnised a party for Sunday afternoon with the aim of clearing the site and having some fun. All are welcome.

As for what happens next. We are planning to continue the campaign and will announce our next move here.

Thanks to the 100’s of people who have helped with the camp and donated food and drink and to the 1000’s of people who have tooted their car horns in support. Your support has been overwhelming. THANK YOU.

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Posted on November 7, 2008. Filed under: Housing News |

Councillor John Lines has been in the press recently with statements that he will set his dogs on protesters.

For all those who know us you will know that we have NEVER been violent towards anyone and have never caused any criminal damage.

However, lets take a look at the upstanding gentleman from Bartley Green and his immaculate past.

In 1983 councillor Lines was convicted of a viciously assaulting a neighbour in a row over a greenhouse. The councillor was fines £200 by Birmingham magestrates who were told how he hit his ederly neighbours son in law across the back with a stick. In May 2003 he attacked a barman. The story was printed in the Sunday Mercury on 22nd August 2004. Click here to see more.

The Birmingham Post carried as story on 7th March 2008 about councillor Lines calling assylum seekers scumbags. Click here to read more.


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Posted on November 5, 2008. Filed under: Housing News |

On Friday council officials visited The John lines Homeless Village with a notice to quit the land and gave until Monday for us to do so.

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) the officers returned to find we were still there and so went to court to get a hearing date.

This will take place in Birmingham County Court, Bull Street, Birmingham on Friday at 3.30pm. A gathering of supporters will meet outside the main entrance to the court at 3.00pm during which time leaflets outlining our cause will be distributed. Anyone wishing to join us will be most welcome.

It is JUSTICE NOT CRISIS intention to contest the eviction and call numerous witnesses in support of our case. Any neighbours close to the site that have particular comments, good or bad, please contact us so that your views can be made known to the court.

Updates here as soon as we have them.

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