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JUSTICE NOT CRISIS appeared in Court this morning. We hadn’t been served court papers with any time or date on them and weren’t aware that we were in court. When we attended court to ask when the hearing was to be heard we were told that it was in 45 minutes. Needless to say we weren’t prepared and a lot of the defendants weren’t present in court. The court itself couldn’t find which court we were in and the usher said that he had only been told 3 minutes before the hearing was due to start.

Despite the papers being served incorrectly the judge continued with the hearing and found in favour of the owner of the Firebird.

He then awarded costs against 3 named defendants to the tune of £3,928.22 and stated that the money must be paid within 14 days.

The only reason that they had the name and address of Lee Moore and Steve Austin was due to the fact that they had been asked to represent the campaigners in the first hearing and had given the information to the court.

Sadly it appears that if you are defending anyone you become liable for ALL the costs if you loose. What happened to the right of a fair trial and the right to be represented by a person of your choice?

JUSTICE NOT CRISIS are now preparing appeal papers to challenge the ruling of the District Judge, we are also considering action in the European Court of Human Rights as ,in our opinion, we were denied the right to a fair trial.

The next step is normally for the owner to instruct bailiffs to carry out the eviction, the Police or other agencies are not lawfully entitled to carry out the eviction. JNC will decide in the next few days wether to resist this eviction or to leave quietly. There are other issues that are being considered against the owner and his agents and a further update will appear on this website shortly.

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Just get out of the firebird and stop making a nuisance of yourselves

Thank you for your comment you email address says it all!

pity there is not more people like lee and steve we need you Rita x

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