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Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives rocked by expenses scandal! Don’t let the BNP in by the back door :




Felicity Norman, Green Party Candidate, has been a supporter of our Campaign for more socially rented properties and Council houses to be built. She visited us at the Firebird and supported the demolition and building of 30 new properties (Work has already started!) She also visited the Masefield Estate in Kings Norton to see first hand some of the dire conditions Council tenants in Birmingham live in. The estate is currently undergoing major refurbishment work.

The BNP poses a serious threat at the forthcoming Euro elections.  The voting system makes it harder for the bigger parties to effectively fight the BNP.  The last seat in the Euros normally goes to one of the smaller parties.  With UKIP on the decline, this is likely to be a race between the Greens and the BNP.  The choice couldn’t be clearer!  The combined Green-RESPECT vote from the last elections is 7.6% compared to the BNP’s 7.5%.  It could be either the Greens or the BNP for that last seat.

Salma Yaqoob, RESPECT Birmingham City Councillor, and Party Leader, is also urging support for Felicity Norman and the Green Party at the European Elections. 

Felicity Norman is married to a journalist and has two daughters. They live on a smallholding in Herefordshire and Felicity teaches part time. She also works as a volunteer in the local community shop. Felicity has travelled widely and worked in several different countries. She is a member of campaigning groups such as Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International. She has helped to organise workshops and seminars on peace and environmental issues. For relaxation, Felicity enjoys walking with her family and gardening.

Local Campaigner

Felicity has worked with a number of voluntary organisations, including Voluntary Action, Citizens Advice Bureau and Shopmobility, where she has been a trustee for many years. Felicity is also:
• a director at the Robert Owen Society (a co-operative organisation supporting teacher training)
• a secondary school governor
• organiser of Leominster Apple Fair, the Fair encourages support for local food.
Felicity was twice elected to Leominster District Council, serving for seven years. She is a supporter of several peace, justice and environmental campaigning organisations.

            See more of Felicity’s work and that of the Green Party click here.

 Track Record of Action

Felicity has campaigned on a range of issues for the West Midlands for the past 25 years. She has stood as a candidate at European, national and local levels. For seven years, Felicity was a District Councillor.
She is especially interested in food, farming and rural/urban links. Felicity has campaigned for small, family farms. In addition, she has worked for better animal welfare standards, allotments and support for local, organic food.
Felicity has also been Green Party Speaker on Agriculture. She wants to ‘green the EU’ and make it more open and accountable to local people.

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Communication with WCCC has started today and we are pleased to report that our members will be able to collect their belonging which have been stored for them by the club.

We are also delighted to report that WCCC, subject to discussions with their committee, are happy to discuss any outstanding issues with us including our repayment of Court costs to WCCC.

We have today instructed our Solicitor that we will not proceed with actions previously commenced in relation to 312 Pershore Road.

We believe that WCCC are committed to talking to Local residents and groups to resolve the issues that will see test cricket continue at Edgbaston.

We reaffirm our statement that we believe it is vital for the redevelopment and improvement of the grounds and stadium to go ahead together with press and hospitality facility improvements. Our concerns regarding the density of housing and leisure facilities remain but we are now confident these issues can be address with residents and local groups.

We, like WCCC, are committed to seeing excellent sporting  facilities at Edgbaston and the revenue that these will bring to Birmingham.

Thank you WCCC for your prompt response to our correspondance today. 

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High Court Enforcement officers acting on behalf of Warwickshire Cricket Club succeeded in taking possession of 318 Pershore Road at the third attempt today.

After a failed attempt at 730AM on Wednesday 6th May 2009 when protesters took to the roof Enforcement Officers returned at 1330 hrs today in forced accompanied by West Midlands Police, a Crane and climbing experts.

In an operation that took two hours to complete roof top protesters were winched off the roof by bailiffs in climbing gear assisted by the crane.

Inside protesters had locked themselves in, chaining themselves together either side of the internal walls.

Police officers entered the building with bailiffs and used excessive force to physically remove the demonstrators.

Police officers, in particular, threatened the occupants who were verbally and physically abused by the Police causing substancial bruising and cuts to one young girl and male protestor.  Both occupants were dragged out of the building by police officers and removed to the street outside.

Rules regarding safe removal and necessary force were ignored by the officers who ignored pleas from the occupants to limit the pain endured.

The attending Police Seargent found it necessary to call an ambulance for the demonstrators.

Legal advice has been sought and JNC are considering their options. A complaint will be made to West Midlands Police and Criminal proceedings have not been ruled out.

A new premises has been occupied and details will be released later today. Our campaign will continue until Private property owners in particular put void properties to good use.

Birmingham City Council are at last starting to tackle the issue and as reported recently are currently bidding for £100Million of money to kick start their house building programme.

Pictures and videos will be uploaded to this site shortly.

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Inside housing today carried the story that Cllr John Lines’ housing department will bid for the entire £100 Million pot made available by the Government in last weeks budget.

Calling the amount “pathetic” John Lines stated that “The Government should be ashamed of themselves”  and added “we’ll go for the lot”

We agree with Cllr Lines the money will not meet the desire for Council’s to build and would emphasise there is no guarantee that Birmingham will get any money the £100M is a national allocation. Cornwall Council, for example are looking to fund a £120M project for 1000 new homes, and Broxtowe Council will bid for £1m.

We have often been at odds with John Lines and now find ourselves congratulating him on the services given to 7 of our homeless people (Friday 24th April) in Finding accommodation in a few hours and agreeing with him against the Government.

Well done Cllr Lines, our only other suggestion would be that you could still sell some of the land you have vacant to Housing Associations who have their own money and grants to build homes too.

Cllr Lines has obviously listened to the arguments for more housing and taken then on board, for that we applaud him. Finally the situation looks set to start improving.  The Government should now take note and afford more assistance to Local authorities to build the homes that are desperately needed.

Our readers we feel sure will keep watch and judge on results.

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