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16 Responses to “CONTACT US”


Can someone give me a call to discuss the issue in Birmingham and the SHG and the earmarked amount? I’m a reporter with a national publication about social housing, Inside Housing.
0207 772 8432

Mr S wants to remain unnamed, he has been on the council waiting list he says for over 20 years. He has been homeless in Birmingham for the last four years and is now currently living in a lorry. He wants to know why he city council have requested that homless and independant non protestors have been asked to leave the site? Asking if the City really do want to ensure that homless people are not helped?

love the camp, just wish i could wave a wand and make the housing brick and mortar. bring back the good old days of council housing and fair play.stop letting people from outside uk in until all our own people are housed. stop being the soft touch country. stop trying to please all visitors at the detriment of our own communities.

grr, makes me so angry. we have plenty of space and resource to fund appropriate and substantial housing yet the council choose to dilly dally with their hands behind their backs waiting to see where they can throw money away first…

Good luck, I have fought for affordable housing in B16 (Ladywood) since 2001 including winning a High Court Appeal to no avail. The land forming the basis of the Appeal was the former Birmingham City Council Housing depot (quite ironic) sited between Grosvernor St West and Sherborne St. Birmingham decided to sell it without advertising on site in 2003, appointed an agent who selected CALA HOMES. The said agent normally markets CALA HOMES developments. The sale of the land had an overage preventing the local Authority from increasing the affordable housing to more than 11 units. If they did then the developer will pay less. Fought the Planning Appel in the High Court on the grounds of insufficient affordable housing, breach of the Sherborne St brief, poor design, not sustainable etc and won. However, I did not expect to have to fught my own Authority when CALA HOMES ended resending the application to be approved, it took 2 hearings and it was shambolic but the developer got its way. Interesting to note that the space between dwellings was as little as 2m (ie window to window)!!! and this is the 21st Century.
Thanks to the subprime CALA’s lender pulled the plug and the Council having spent no end of ratepayers money over 5 years ended up with the land unsold, including at auction.
However they got planning for 167 units of which only 11 are affordable -a disgrace but noone to build them. Also part of the land is green space which was public until the Council blocked it. I am way a lot so cannot continue my fight but you may wish to have a look at the site which includes a lovely 1930s Gas Board building which the Council is planning to demolish very soon at the cost to us the rate payers of £150,000 imagine such a waste in Ladywood the poorest ward in the UK. I am lost for words as to why a city like Birmingham is acting in such a manner allowing developers to build show boxes, destroying communities and providing the ‘slums’ of tomorrow without any thought or care about social housing, elderly population and familiesm they obviously did not learn from the mistakes of the 60s. Good luck. Carmen

ur all doing very well keep it up


I’m a member of a housing co-op (TUSH) in Tower Hamlets myself, and have been working on a new approach to property ownership and development.

The Community Land Partnership brings in finance in a simple but radical new way, and wipes the floor with the existing “deficit-based” finance currently going to hell in a hand basket…

is my lecture recently in Dublin, which might give you an idea.

Bring on affordable “co-ownership” of land held in common, is what I say..

Best Regards


from Geordie,don’t do politics see you soon.

where abouts in Edgbaston r u guys based now? x

My name is Daniel GEORGES, I am a French journalist working for Convergence, the monthly paper of Le Secours populaire francais.

We are planning to investigate on the Minimum income system to disclose situations of precarity (poverty) that are not acceptable in Europe. The idea is not to show extreme situations, but rather usual situations of poverty. It would require about one week of work (reportage) for the draft and pictures. With my colleague Eric, photographer, we are looking forward to meet people who are directly concerned by the issue at stake.

Do you think that it would be possible, thanks to you, to meet people to interview them ? Would you have other contacts (associations, unions, etc.) that could be useful to our investigation ?

We would like to be in Birmingham between June 8th and June 13th.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Woo looks like you guys have been kicked out good n proper!! I’m glad to see your group finally getting crushed into the dirt that it is.

Thanks for you comment, perhaps you could explain what you mean??

Hi There,
My name is Ellie Gibbons a photographer from Birmingham. You may remember a couple of months back I attended a JNC meeting at the then headquarters on Pershore Rd along with audio producer Sam Coley where we made recordings and took photographs for an audio slideshow outlining the JNC cause. Well, the slideshow is finished and can be viewed on Vimeo at the following URL ( I can’t link here I’m sorry!)

Hope you enjoy the slideshow, and questions please email me at


Hi there, can u please tell me who can apply for houses on pershore road Edgbaston? Are them available on renting for anyone?


These homes are all Council rented houses, we are not aware of the current status of allocations for these homes, but would suggset you contact Birmingham City Council via any neighbourhood Office.


I’m really interested in your cause. I can’t seem to get through to you by phone or email. Just wondering if I could help out and contribute to the cause.


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