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20 Responses to “DIARY OF ACTIVITIES”


Gr8 place! Have got you some Xmas Decs from Latif’s (good price!) & will be coming to put them up Friday morning 12th (in daylight) as that’s a time I can make it.

Thought I’d pop down today to the open day/car boot sale. At 11.30, all I saw were a couple of characters in flourescent bibs having a fag around the back.

Would JNC care to comment, or shall we just wait for the spin?

In fact, those who are saying it is tidy around the immediate vicinity (from other comments, have a very strange notion of tidiness.

Benmore Avenue(maintained by B’ham City Council) was spotless, the self-styled “Fragrant Firebird” was anything but.

Here’s hoping the building’s owners can resume occupation shortly.

Spin George! we are not politicians just people who believe in a cause.

Firstly, yet again you attack on minor issues rather than the real issue of the lack of socially rented housing, the poor quality of some council homes, the issue of the £57m being stolen from Brummies to the Housing Revenue Account and the fact that the council can’t use the capitol receipts from the sale of council homes to build homes to reduce the 30,000 applicants on the council’s waiting list.

I take it that you don’t have a clue what to do so you attack on petty, minor issues to cover your incompetence. You must be a politician!!!!!!

The day was actually very successful and also unsuccessful thank you for asking! Regarding the car boot, a cold day and not the best organisation in the world saw few sellers turn up and as the weather was poor we moved the event inside.

In terms of public support from our community, the day was a massive success. We now have met new residents, have a string of volunteers who would like to assist (voluntarily George! ) with youth provisions and a bingo night amongst other things. We were also visited by some organisations, including a group who travel to Birmingham twice a week to help the homeless who sleep rough (remember, the ones that don’t exist according to Birmingham City Council?) with food packages. They have offered to join with us and support our campaign. A professional person who works in housing and youth activities spent an hour with us offering support, advice and the promise of assistance with providing youth facilities. A petition was started and signed by all attending supporting our cause.

A resident from the Benmore Estate came and joined us for the night and has now joined our campaign. Residents, the elderly, parents and children all gave us their ideas on a wish list of things they would like to see happen on the site. An elderly resident who had no money for several months because of the failures of our wonderful benefits system to get things processed had a hot meal they may not of had if they hadn’t dropped in.

No spin George, real people, real stories, REAL FACT.

Everyone who attended was supportive, all commenting that the place looked better than it did. Its not perfect, the windows are broken and boarded up, some of the shrubs are overgrown, etc, but it’s tidier than it was in the hands of the owner when rubbish was strewn in all the hedges. Much of this rubbish has now been moved with a lot of it recycled. Work continues to complete the tidy up.

There is also now the issue that it is secure. Children can’t get in where there was once needles, broken glass and the dangers of a derelict building.

The Firebird Community Justice Centre offers immediate support to the homeless, intentional or otherwise, something Birmingham Council can’t or won’t do! It also offers hope the for residents of our community.

As for Benmore Avenue being spotless in the Council maintained areas, we suggest you look again, bring your glasses this time, then look at the Pershore Road and Bristol Road pavements and Calthorpe Park … We welcome your comments. None are censored, even the bad ones are published and you will find yours on this page! To improve your knowledge of Birmingham council’s inability to maintain council areas we will shortly publish pictures on our web site.

We will be judged by the residents of our community and the people of Birmingham.

Finally thank you again to all the people who supported us on a cold, damp day. We and the thousands of people on waiting lists, in hostels and in overcrowded conditions in Birmingham are very grateful. We wish everyone a merry Christmas. If you are in need of any help or would like to pop in for a cuppa or a hot meal you are always welcome. This offer is also extended to you George.

Finally, George, if you decide not to join uis for Christmas dinner as many homeless people will be, when you eat yours in the warmth of your home, please give a thought to the homeless who wonder where and what they will eat and perhaps also, to the children who will not again this year get a visit from Santa.

Well done. It truly amazing to see such community initiatives getting so much done.
What are the future plans, I really want to find something I can help with.

Whats a free shop ?? sounds like a good idea.

A freeshop is a collection point for people to drop off unwanted items (CLOTHES BRIK-A-BRAC OR ANYTHING) People then come to the shop and take anything they want or need for “free”. Thus helping recycling, reducing waste and need for land fill and saving money, plus allowing people in need to have things they otherwise could’nt afford.

I’d have thought your primary consideration in the month of January was packing.

However, the New Years Eve Party is an extremely worrying development. Alcohol, people present with a record of accidently starting fires, and the prospect of scores of revellers arriving from outside the area, all has the potential for disorder.

I hope that West Midlands Police have taken note.

Of course good neighbours would approach each person living in the road and warn them about the noise. But there again….

You can guess the rest.

Once again you miss the point George, we are campaigning for more socially rented houses and communitry facilities for our neighbours. yes we have spoken to our neighbours, they are aware of our plans for New Years eve, many are attending.

We have the same rights to a party as any other person in Birmingham, are the West Midlands Police aware of all parties. This is a campaign event not a rave, it will comply with all laws as with all of our demonstrations!

May we suggest you start talking about the real issues, socially rented housing, homeless living on our streets, and the Governments stealing of Birmingham’s money to subsidise other areas. Perhaps then we will be spared your pointless waffle.

Happy new year.

I pledged to have a Christmas opening and it happened with the help and support – emotionally, financially, spiritually- of numerous people. For 3 days there was advice, counselling, presents and food especially sprouts for all. Thanks to all supporters. God Bless. Shirley

Dear Mr Calthorpe you are starting to sound like a stalker i bet your the one in the bush lookin onward through a pair of binoculars and a flask of tea in a near by bush i think your allegations are stupid and you are too i think you have nothing to do then talk about us i have been with J.N.C myself since it started and i think there views about pressing matters are strong and something i personally believe in myself and i never knew that we was that popular to have our own stalker keeping trying to make false statements about our camp this goes to you Mr Calthorpe J.N.C are real but you aint and none of your statements are true to go along with it i think you need to stop with your stupid statements and think over what you are saying because i think you have a secret crush on John Lines ! i also think your the washed up agony aunt that never made it to write in the local mail mate !!!

My mate sent me the link to this group because I get really angry about the lack of social housing & homelessness and want to help. So as a new reader, can I please ask George Calthorpe to p**s off and get himself another hobby like writing to his local free newspaper or something?! Right, thats that over & done with, now What can I do to help?

Hi Julie,
Thanks for the comment, we totally agree with your view of our mate George Calthorpe. You can pop down to see us anytime kettle is always on ! We have a weekl;y general meeting on Mondays at 7.30 and run an advice surgery Mondays all day. alternatively give us a call any help is always appreciated.

Good stuff. Keep it up. Used to live not too far from the cricket ground. A community centre is a good idea and worth fighting for.

Thank you for the tour and the cup(s) of tea 🙂 will try to pop in again soon and lend a hand.

Your website looks nice, but you don’t. You’re like a gang of dirty squatters.

Thank you for your comment, thats exactly what we are, and we get a great sense of satisfaction for every person we rehouse or take off the street.

Nothing to be proud of mate.

You say you want to look after the area yet you are fishing there?!

Thanks for your comment Anon and Happy G, interesting to see you are the same person (IP address is forwarded with all comments)

Fishing has always been allowed at the Beechwood Hotel, any fish caught is returned to the water. There are substancial improvements to the conservation area and the cleanup is continuing daily.

Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much approximately this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few p.c. to power the message house a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

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